Denis Law
Nickname: King
Nationality: Scotland
Stature: 175 см
Position: forward
Number: 10

1956 - 1960England EnglandHuddersfield Town8116
1960 - 1961England EnglandManchester City4421
1961 - 1962Italy ItalyTorino2710
1962 - 1973England EnglandManchester United309171
1973 - 1974England EnglandManchester City249
All:Gols in match: 0.47485227
Years performancesNational teamGamesGols
1958 - 1974Scotland Scotland5530
1959 - 1961Scotland Scotland U2331
All:Gols in match: 0.535831

Lowe is a Scotchman born in Aberdeen. Therefore, to the great regret of the English fans, he played not for the England team, but for the Scotland team, in which he often had no partners worthy of his talent. And he began a football career in Scotland - in the children's teams of Aberdeen. In one of them, he was somehow noticed by the brother of the English Huddersfield coach. Able boy was invited to the club for viewing, and he remained at the club. Denis Law was then fifteen years old.

In December 1956, he first entered the field in the first team, becoming the youngest Huddersfield debut in the club’s history. In February 1957 he was seventeen, and he signed his first professional contract. In honor of this event, "wunderkind" scored five goals to “West Ham” in a match for the FA Cup.

His debut in the Scottish national team took place in 1958, and Lowe became the youngest player in the history of the national team after World War II - he was 18 years old and 236 days old (he scored in the first match against Wales).

In Huddersfield, Law played until 1960, when it was acquired by Manchester City. But in the new club, he did not stay long, moving in 1961 in the Italian "Torino". Lowe was the first of English footballers for whom a foreign club paid an astronomical sum for those times - 100 thousand pounds sterling. However, in Torino the "wunderkind" stayed only until 1962. Lowe came into conflict with the leadership because it did not let him go to the matches of the Scotland national team. Low's national patriotic feelings were highly developed.

The conflict with Torino was resolved by the fact that Lowe, now for 110 thousand pounds, acquired Manchester United, which was then coached by the famous Matt Busby. Manchester was revived after the tragedy of 1958, when 8 leading football players were killed in the Munich plane crash. Denis Law immediately came to the field in this club, and here he spent the best eleven years of his bright football career. For the first time in the Manchester T-shirt, he entered the field on August 18, 1962 in a match with West Bromwich Albion and immediately scored his first goal, although the game ended in a 2-2 draw. The following year, the resurgent Manchester won the FA Cup. In the same year, Denis Law was invited to the world team for the match with England in honor of the 100th anniversary of English football.

Denis Low in Manchester United T-shirt

In 1964, Law set a unique record, a deal for 7 seasons, he received the Golden Ball - the prize of France Football Weekly to the best footballer in Europe.

In 1965 and 1967, "Manchester" became the champion of the country. In 1968, he reached the final of the European Champions Cup, where he met with the Benfica in Lisbon. But just this historic match Lowe had to miss due to another injury. He watched the game on TV, worrying about his comrades who finished most of the time in a draw - 1:1, but then score three unanswered goals. Two goals in that match were on account of Bobby Charlton, one - George Best. In Manchester United, Lowe played until 1973. The new coach Tommy Docherty decided to radically renew the line-up and get rid of the age-related players, and the "prodigy" was already thirty-three years old. By the time he spent for “Manchester United” more than 400 games and scored 261 goals. He returned to his former club “Manchester City” and in the following, 1974, helped him to reach the League Cup final, where, however, victory won “Wolverhampton” - 2:1. As for the club “Manchester United”, after a cardinal renewal, club even had to go to the second division for a while.


There was a need to win over Manchester City, which at that time were in the middle of the table. This meeting was the penultimate in that season, "Devils" also needed a victory, "Norwich" over "Birmingham" in a parallel match. The first Manchester derby in the 1973–74 season was not without scandal, as Mike Doyle and Lou Macari were removed from the Maine Road field for a small brawl. They did not want to leave the field, so referee Clive Thomas was forced to suspend the meeting, and call the police to detain the remote players in the room under the tribunethe. That match ended in a goalless draw, and when the second derby was held in April, all the attention of "Old Trafford" was riveted to Low, who first performed in the "Dream Theater" as part of another team.

Denis's performance for the "blue" did not affect the attitude of the fans of “United” to him. Fans of MU ranked Lowe as a kind of "saintly person", he was the chosen legend of "Devils", and according to "Gurdian" columnist Eric Todd, the second largest group of fans, rendered the player great honor by starting to applaud Lowe when throwing a coin before the start of the match . Although the stakes were high and the game on Main Road was fierce for months, this time the teams played inspiredly, United, who could not afford to lose, dominated the attack, but the storming of the goal net did not lead to success. The defense of the “City” acted superbly, the defenders of the “townspeople” Willy Donaghy and Colin Barret did not allow the MU forwards to their gates.

After 82 goalless minutes, Francis Lee made a cross on Low, who stood with his back to the goal. The Scotsman instinctively sent the ball towards the gate with a heel kick, and after a moment, Alex Stepney took it out of the gate. Denis stood motionless, while City fans celebrated a goal. Later, historian David Goldblatt recalls: "Lowe, stood with frozen hands, desperate and pale, and was immediately surrounded by new teammates." It's scary to think, the legend of “United” personally issued the defeat of his former club, which destroyed the chances of “MJ” to maintain registration in the first division. For the first time in 37 years, “Devils” descend into the second division, and this it became completely clear when in a parallel match, "Birmingham" beat "Norwich".

Depressed Lowe was quickly replaced, and since then, no more spent not a single game in the football league. Also, the last game in the career of Denis was overshadowed by the fact that after he scored the ball, fans of the “Reds” broke out on the field, in the hope that the results of the match would be canceled and a replay will.

Denis Low's fatal goal

The last significant event in the career of Denis Law was the participation of the Scotland team, in which he constantly played, in the 1974 World Cup. That year, thay had one of the strongest national teams in the entire history of Scottish football, and she was finally able to go through a qualifying tournament, which was not reached since the 1958 championship. In the group tournament, the Scots won against the national team of Zaire - 2:0, and tied with the Yugoslavs - 1:1, and with the national team of Brazil - 0:0. The situation was such that at once three teams scored the same number of points. But the Scots were third because of the worst goal difference, and the Brazilians and the Yugoslavs went to the next stage of the championship.


June 14, 1974 in a meeting with the national team of Zaire Law held his last match for the national team of Scotland. In the same year he left the club "Manchester City". In the following years, he worked as a TV commentator and football commentator on Radio Radio English Radio 5. All that he deserved his talent, he did not achieve. Did not play in the European Cup final due to injury. He was not a world champion, but he could have been in 1966 if he played for England. But be that as it may, Denis Law has become one of the football legends of England.

Best, Charlton and Lowe

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Award nameYearAmount
1 Gold ball 1964 1
2 Top scorer in the history of the Scotland national team (30 goals)
3 Manchester United top scorer in the FA Cup: 34 goals
4 Manchester United record holder in the season: 46 goals
5 Included in the Honor list of players Scotland national football team 1988
6 Included in the English Football Hall of Fame 2002
7 Winner of the UEFA jubilee award for the best footballer in Scotland over the past 50 years 2003
8 Included in the Hall of Fame of Scottish Football 2004

Club "Manchester United "
Award nameYearAmount
1 First Division Champion 1964/65, 1966/67 2
2 England Cup 1963 = 1
3 England Super Cup 1965, 1967 = 2