Andriy Shevchenko
Nickname: Sheva, the King, the Devil from the East
Nationality: Ukraine
Stature: 183 см
Position: forward
Number: 7, 10, 76

1994 - 1999Ukraine UkraineDynamo (Kiev)11760
1999 - 2016Italy ItalyMilan208127
2006 - 2009England EnglandChelsea489
2008 - 2009Italy ItalyMilan180
2009 - 2012Ukraine UkraineDynamo (Kiev)5523
All:Gols in match: 0.49446219
Years performancesNational teamGamesGols
1993 - 1994Ukraine Ukraine U1885
1994 - 1995Ukraine Ukraine U2176
1995 - 2012Ukraine Ukraine11148
All:Gols in match: 0.4712659

Andrey was born on September 29, 1976 in Dvorkovshchina - a small village in Ukraine in the Kiev region. There he spent the first 3 years of his life. Although the place of his birth could fall on Germany. In this country, his father served. But before the future football star was born, his mother decided to return home. Her name is Lyubov Nikolaevna. Nikolai Grigoryevich, the father of Andrei Shevchenko, received the title of ensign and wanted his son to become an officer. In 1979, his family run over to Kiev, in one of the new areas - Obolon.

Then, already in Kiev, he began to go to school. He came across a friendly class in which Andrei was a real leader. Parents liked that his son went in for sports. At first, the boy was attracted to hockey, but soon he was playing football, representing his school and the local housing office, this team was run by a female instructor. Andriy Shevchenko made his first steps in football on the sports ground of school number 216 (here Andrei studied from first to tenth grade, in 1983-1993).

Shevchenko in childhood
Shevchenko in childhood

Somewhere in the age of 9, a sports star wanted to go to a specialized sports school. Although he did not succeed, his attempts to achieve his desire motivated him.

One day, Andrei Shpakov (Dynamo coach) saw Andrei at regular competitions. Yes, now training has become very difficult. The guy had to train up to 4 times a day, while going to the training required in another part of the city. Parents didn't like it at first. But Shpakov assured his father and mother Andrew that their son has a future in football.

But here at the turn of the sports career history there was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, through which all children were sent to other cities. It seems that the sports biography could be broken, but soon everything was back to normal, and then Andrew started playing sports again. When the athlete managed to get to Dynamo Kyiv, he had already travel abroad. Parents and teachers at the school began to support him in this matter.

The Ian Rush Cup tournament brought Andrew his first major success. There he was recognized as a high-level player, he became the best scorer. Wales and Liverpool star Ian Rush himself decided to give the guy new boots. At the time, in the 90's, it was not easy to find professional equipment, so the gift was extremely necessary.

The team in which played by Shevchenko in August 1991 was the winner of the final USSR championship of boys in 1976. Shevchenko, who started playing the supporting midfielder, won with her first international titles and prizes.

In the 1992/93 Ukrainian Championship, Shevchenko plays six matches for the Dynamo-2 team (Kiev), which was plays in the second division (coach Vladimir Onishchenko). Next season, he becomes the team's leading scorer with 13 goals.

In 1994, he became part of the core team. And on April 6, 1994, Andrew first appeared on television - a broadcast from Lviv of a match of the junior national team against the Dutch peers. Shevchenko became the author of one of two balls (2:2), he showed excellent technique and fighting character.

On November 8, 1994, striker Andriy Shevchenko, who is 18, plays as the main player of Dynamo Kyiv. In the match against Shakhtar Donetsk. In the fall and winter of 1994, many events in the football biography of Andrew happen for the first time: October 11 in a match with the Slovenian team, he began to play for the national team, November 23 Andrew plays in his first match in the Champions League (Dynamo lost to Spartak Moscow - 0:1, Shevchenko replaced Rebrov in the 57th minute), scored his first goal in major league of Ukraine on December 1 (in the Dnipro gate, thereby establishing the final winning score of the match - 4:2), and for the first time he was distinguished in the Cup champions, becoming the author of the ball in the gate of Munich "Bavaria" ("Dynamo" lost - 1:4).

In 1994, Shevchenko scored three goals for Dynamo in the Champions League against Barcelona. The match ended 4:0. At the time, Milan was ready to give $ 17 million for the forward, but the Dynamo management thought it was a small sum for him, and did not sell Andrew.

In January 1997, the famous Valery Lobanovsky returned to Kiev. Valery came just when the team was kicked out of the Champions League due to corruption. But, having won the championship, Dynamo confidently passed two rounds of qualification and appeared in the group tournament. A brand new Dynamo was demonstrated throughout Europe. That fall of 1997, Dynamo defeated Barcelona, 3:0 in Kyiv and 4:0 at Camp Nou. As a result, the first place team from Kiev went to the quarterfinals of the Champions League after a long stagnation.

Scout report of Milan on Andrey Shevchenko in the match between Barcelona and Dynamo (0:4, Shevchenko's hat-trick and Rebrov's goal):

Very strong physically. Fast. Good in dribbling, holds the ball fantastically. Cool hits on two legs. Scores balls. Strong in head game. Can attack in any position. Has an intensity that only a few players have. Given his young age, I was amazed at how easy he was. He is a new type of player. Still I would add: HE FOR MILAN.

The opponent, who then fell to the Kiev, was Turin "Juventus" - one of the best teams in Europe at the time. The attacking power of that team was impress - Davids, Deschamps, Conte, the young Del Piero and Inzaghi. And of course, his majesty Zinedine Zidane. The first match in Turin ended in a draw 1:1 (Dynamo goal scored by Gusin). The result gave hope that in Dynamo Kiev will be able to beat Juve, but... March 18, 1998 after the final whistle of the scoreboard of the stadium "Olympic" showed a devastating score for Dynamo - 1:4 in favor of Juventus" . As a result, Juventus beat in the semi-finals of Monaco, but lost to Real Madrid in the final, which will soon begin its European hegemony. And Dynamo, as it turned out, was just beginning to rise.

Shevchenko and Zidan
Shevchenko vs. Zidan (May 4, 1998)

In the 1998/99 Champions League, Dynamo team Valery Lobanovsky reached the semifinals. Probably the whole main part of that Dynamo lineup is the ideal players of its place. It is said that in that season Kievans could win in the Champions League. But they did not work out, this season - the best achievement of Kiev in this tournament. It began with the defeat of Barry Town 8:0. Then there was a difficult confrontation with Prague "Sparta", it was won only by a penalty. Then in the group were - Lance, Arsenal and Panathinaikos. In the first match Dynamo lost to the Greeks, but after that they won 3 duels and finished two with a draw. As a result, as in the 1997/98 season, first place.

After the draw of the quarter-finals, Dynamo fans were scared. The winner of the Champions League Madrid "Real", had star players - Hierro, Roberto Carlos, Sanchez, Guti, Seedorf, Raoul, Sooker. Everything was decided in Kyiv on March 18. Then, in a light frost -2 with the support of 83 thousand spectators, Kiev beat a very strong opponent 2-0. Andriy Shevchenko and Sergey Rebrov were a formidable weapon for any team. Even as stellar as Madrid. After this victory, fans started talking about a possible victory in the Champions League. All the more so because the next Bayern Munich opponent seemed less frightening than Real Madrid. But fate was otherwise. Dynamo lost: 3:3 at home, 0:1 away.

Shevchenko 1999
Andriy Shevchenko intends to exalt over Ukraine Cup - Kiev defeated Carpathians - 3:0 (1999)

Silvio Berlusconi, the head of Milan, was able to negotiate with Grigory Surkis, the owner of Dynamo. $ 25 million was paid for the transition of the Ukrainian forward. July 2, 1999 Shevchenko signed an agreement with Milan from Italy.

In the first year, Shevchenko became the best scorer of the Italian Championship, becoming the author of 24 goals, hat-trick scored at the gate of Lazio in one of the first matches (4:4). Hernan Crespo was the main rival in the Bombers' dispute. Shevchenko scored 24 goals again next season, but rival Crespo scored two more. The second time he became the top scorer in Serie A in the 2003/04 season, scoring 24 goals. Then three times Andrew was in the top ten scorers of the Italian league.

Shevchenko and Lobanovsky 2003 Monument
Andrey Shevchenko near the Lobanovsky Monument (2003)

He was loved by many fans, he became part of the Italian and European high circles of society. He was awarded the Golden Ball in 2004. Shevchenko is on the list of 100 best FIFA football players.

Milan 2003
"Milan" is the winner of the Champions League. Top row from left to right: Paolo Maldini, Dida, Andrey Shevchenko, Kaha Kaladze, Clarence Seedorf, Alessandro Nesta. Bottom row: Filippo Inzaghi, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Costacurta, Rui Costa (2003)

After seven years of playing for Milan, Shevchenko decided to live in London and play for Chelsea's Abramovich club. The year 2006 was marked by the move of a football player to London Chelsea, in which he was given about $ 30.5 million. In the first game for the new club he scored a goal: Liverpool - Chelsea match for the FA Cup, it ended with a victory for Liverpool (2:1). However, despite the good start and confidence of Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, Andrew Shevchenko's career in England has not been successful. Two years later at Chelsea, he suffered two surgeries and a severe back injury.

Shevchenko in Chelsea
Andriy Shevchenko in Chelsea

On August 23, 2008, two years later in London, Chelsea wrote about Shevchenko's move to Milan. For rented for a year with a possible right of redemption. Returning, Sheva played at number 76, as his favorite 7th was attributed to Alessandra Pato.

On October 2, in the first round of the UEFA Cup in a duel with Zurich, Andriy Shevchenko scored his first goal since returning to Milan. One goal in the UEFA Cup and the Italian Cup ("Lazio") - this was the whole result of the Shevchenko forward in the first half of the season. Having ceased to be a part of "Milan" after New Year, Andrey scored already only in friendly matches which the Italian club played during the season. Despite the high performance (4 goals to Hanover, Hungarian National Team and Tirana), the coach's distrust did not allow Shev to become the player in Serie A.

After the end of the season, the club management announced the start of building a completely new team - the club was abandoned by coach Carlo Ancelotti, players - Maldini, Shevchenko and Kaka. It turned out that created a whole era of "Milan" was left by people who brought the club's latest success.

On June 12, 2009, news emerged that Milan would not continue Shevchenko's lease and he would need to return to Chelsea.

On August 27, 2009, Chelsea English coach Carlo Ancelotti officially informed Shevchenko that he would NOT take him into the Champions League bid. On August 29, Shevchenko signed a contract with Dynamo Kyiv and received the number seven. On August 31, the home match against Metalurh Donetsk made his debut and scored his first goal (from penalty) after his return. The game was accompanied by a rush - the stadium was crowded. Shevchenko said after the game: "I knew that I was loved in Kiev, but I couldn't even imagine that so much."

On November 4, during the Champions League match between Kiev team and Italian Inter, Andriy Shevchenko scored and became the best player of the match, but Dynamo lost (1:2). This goal became the first goal of Shevchenko in the Champions League in 2 years and 16th in the goal of "Inter" in his career. In the 2009/10 season, Dynamo Kyiv coach Valery Gazzaev used Shevchenko mostly on the flanks of the attack. At the beginning of the 2010/11 season, Shevchenko became the team captain. In 2011, the new head coach from Russia, Yuri Semin, appointed another captain goalkeeper Shovkovsky.

In the 2010/11 season Dynamo played in the Europa League and I saw with my own eyes 2 matches. In the 1/8 finals, Dynamo played against Manchester City. I was in the stands in a home match and saw Shevchenko score in 25 minutes. The stadium shouted "Sheva-Sheva", it was heard that Shevchenko in Kiev is simply adored. Then the match ended with the score 2-0.

In the quarter finals, the rival was already Portuguese "Braga", I was then in the match in Kiev. Shevchenko was removed for 2 yellow cards. The first for a foul and the second for hitting the goal after the whistle. He spent only 10 minutes on the pitch. The stadium was outraged, the prepared white and blue flags were flying to the field... The match ended 1: 1. The third game I saw at the stadium performed by Shevchenko was a match between Dynamo and Vorskla (3-0). He scored with a goal and a pass.

At home Euro 2012, Shevchenko was the captain of the Ukrainian national team. In the first game he scored two goals against the Swedes (2:1), he was recognized as the best player of the match. Then I guessed the result before game. Andriy Shevchenko came out on the field and against the French, and replaced in match with the English national team. As a result, the Ukrainian national team did not reach the playoffs. The match against the British became the last official in Shevchenko's career.

Shevchenko Euro 2012
Sheva scores a goal at the Swedes (Euro 2012)

When Andrew's playing career ended, he decided to live in his pleasure and even went to politics. He says he has heard in the last six months in politics what he has not heard in his 20 years of career. Naturally, he does not want to go back there.

Shevchenko Golf
In 2011, Shevchenko won the second place in the Ukrainian Championship golf. In 2013, he won the Queenwood Golf Club tournament in England

Shevchenko's proposals to become a coach begun to come. These applications were from clubs abroad. Still, he decided in 2016 to become the head of his national team. Prior to that, Andrew became a UEFA Coach diploma holder at a professional level.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian national team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. But Shevchenko decided to take on this responsibility and remained in office. However, the Football Federation of Ukraine contract has been extended to the qualifying round of Euro-2020. At the same time, the price dropped.

Coach Shevchenko
Coach Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko now has a charity fund to help orphans. Shevchenko's family has a boutique of Armani in the capital of Ukraine, as well as a clothing and accessories store in the US.

She found his wife, American Kristen Pazik, in Italy. She is a very beautiful model. Kristen was able to give her husband as many as 4 sons, named Jordan, Christian, Alexander and Ryder Gabriel. This stellar marriage is very strong. Christian is playing tennis, making great strides. Jordan became a football fan. He is interested in teams and game systems in which he is well versed.

Andriy Shevchenko lives in two countries at once, because his relatives are in London. The family's favorite vacation spot is the Caribbean. Andrew has real estate there.

The footballer keeps up with everything - he is on social networks, having verified pages on Facebook and Twitter. He is also on Instagram, though it is unknown who exactly manages his account.

Award nameYearAmount
1 Bronze Ball 1999, 2000 2
2 Fourth European Soccer Player according to France Football 2003 1
3 Gold Ball 2004 1
4 Fifth European Footballer according to France Football 2005 1
5 Third World Soccer Player according to World Soccer 1999, 2000, 2004 3
6 The third FIFA player in the world according to FIFA 2004 1
7 The best football player on the planet according to the voting on the Internet of fans worldwide (Golden foot) 2005 1
8 The best football player of Ukraine 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 6
9 The best player of the championship of Ukraine 1997 1
10 The best scorer of the championship of Ukraine 1999 1
11 Best A 2000 Series scorer, 2004 2
12 Best Cup Champions League player (11 balls, 9 balls, 9 balls) 1999, 2001, 2006 3
13 Best CIS and Baltic States (Star) prize from Sport- Express 2004 2005 2
14 Member of the Oleg Blokhin Club (374 gols)
15 The best scorer in the history of the Milan derby

Club "Dynamo"
Award nameYearAmount
1 Ukrainian Champion 1994 / 95, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99 5
2 Ukrainian Cup 1995 / 96, 1997/98, 1998/99 3
3 Ukrainian Super Cup 2011 1

Club " Milan"
Award nameYearAmount
4 UEFA Champions League 2002 / 03 1
5 UEFA Super Cup 2004 1
6 Champion Series A 2003 / 04 1
7 Coppa Italian Cup 2002 / 03 1
8 Italian Super Cup 2004 1

Club " Chelsea"
Award nameYearAmount
9 FA Cup 2007 1
10 English League Cup 2007 1